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Shel Horowitz shel at principledprofit.com
Sun May 10 12:00:00 UTC 2020

Even after using GMail for well over a decade, I still find it very

Some months ago, I successfully added a dozen or so e-addresses into a
group that GMail calls a label (after failing many times to set up address
lists with 40 or 50 people, which never copied completely. In other words,
I type the first few letters of the group name and my To or BCC
field populates with all the names.

Now I need to add three new people and subtract one, and for the life of
me, I cant figure out how. And yes, I googled it and got totally useless
information. I played around in contacts.google.com and made the changes,
but there is no save button and they are not reflected when I try to set up
an email. Advice most gratefully accepted.

Many thanks,
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