[Hidden-tech] bluetooth headset recommendations

bluemoon at crocker.com bluemoon at crocker.com
Thu Nov 21 21:14:10 UTC 2019

I have long been using a series of Jawbone headsets with wind and 
background noise cancellation which work really well until they 
inevitably stop working. Since they're no longer being made, I've been 
able to replace them on EBay until recently when the version I have 
seems to have disappeared. There are a bunch of newer types out there 
and wonder what you folks are using and recommend. I've looked at some 
of the reviews and I take them with large grains of kosher salt.

 I want a single, fit in ear, mono headset, not headphones or headband 
style. While I don't want to spend the $ on a new one, I would be 
interested in buying one here if you have a working one you aren't 
using any longer.

Gary Powsner
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