[Hidden-tech] Information on Gaia Host - Has anyone taken them to court?

Sam McClellan sam at itabix.com
Fri Nov 15 20:08:56 UTC 2019

Hi Joanna!

We tried to help with retrieving another Gaia victim's domain but theirs 
was not in their name so they had no recourse. As long as your domain 
isn't private, you can see the owner and admin email by entering the 
domain here:


If you are the domain owner, you should ultimately be able to get the 
domain back but it may take some time. Gaia is a top level registrar, 
right under ICANN, so you could try contacting them.


It would probably be a good idea for someone to organize a class action 
suit, then you'd have more leverage with ICANN.

This will probably take time so I do think you should register a new 
domain. We offer domain names for $12.95/year.

As far as the website, if it's an HTML site or a WordPress site with 
admin access, we should be able to retrieve it without having access to 
the Gaia control panel, and we'd be happy to host you for free for the 
first three months.

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On 11/15/2019 1:38 PM, joanna campe via Hidden-discuss wrote:
> Dear Community,
> I have just joined this list serve to see if I can get more 
> information on Gaia Host. We are not able to change the plan of our 
> website or migrate it without an authorization code and we have not 
> been able to get the domains transferred either.
> I have been advised by my hosting service that in order to be able to 
> transfer the domain successfully, I need to take them to court. Has 
> anyone in the community done that so far and with what success?
> I have been told that I have two choices: take Gaia Host to court 
> (small claims court?) or to create a new domain and clone the website 
> until the issue can be resolved. Both of these are time consuming and 
> meanwhile I have put off my fundraising campaign until the performance 
> of the website can be improved by migrating it to a new plan.
> I appreciate advice on this.
> My best,
> Joanna
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