[Hidden-tech] Fwd: Re: Tedx Shelburne Falls seeks new Organizer

Stacy Kontrabecki stacy at swampdancer.com
Wed Jun 26 13:43:33 UTC 2019

Sheldon thinks you might be interested. Let me know if you are. Thanks. 


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Subject: 	Re: Tedx Shelburne Falls seeks new Organizer
Date: 	Tue, 25 Jun 2019 13:42:29 -0400
From: 	Sheldon Snodgrass <sheldon at steadysales.com>
To: 	Stacy Kontrabecki <stacy at tedxshelburnefalls.com>

Hi Stacy,

Thank you for your years of dedication to this important project. I wish 
I could be the guy to take over the reins for you. Alas, I cannot. 
However, I do want to suggest that you forward your very compelling 
email to the hidden tech list. If you did, I didn't see it.

I hope you're happy and well.

All my best


J. Sheldon Snodgrass, MBA
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On Sun, Jun 23, 2019 at 11:19 AM Stacy Kontrabecki 
<stacy at tedxshelburnefalls.com <mailto:stacy at tedxshelburnefalls.com>> wrote:


            TEDxShelburneFalls seeks new Organizer

    I'm ready to hand the baton to the next group of community leaders!
    Could you be the one(s) to guide the organization through the next

    *www.TEDxShelburneFalls.com <http://www.TEDxShelburneFalls.com>*
    expires August 8, 2019 and I will not renew the domain, so contact
    me, or the next organizer, at *CuratorTEDxShelburneFalls at gmail.com
    <mailto:CuratorTEDxShelburneFalls at gmail.com>* thereafter.
    and www.youtube.com/user/TEDxShelburneFalls
    will remain active as long as those channels are in business.

    Similarly, www.meetup.com/TEDxMA/
    will no longer be supported unless another TEDx, or group of
    Massachusetts TEDx organizations, decide to assume the site. (Are
    you interested, fellow Organizers?)

    I hope you enjoyed hearing about the ideas your neighbors - on,
    behind, and in front of the stage – have shared with you over the
    years, whether you agree with them or not. A cultured mind is an
    open mind. Thank you all for your energy, your inquisitiveness, and
    your support through this grand experiment.

    Stacy Kontrabecki, Organizer, Curator
    /stacy at TEDxShelburneFalls.com <mailto:stacy at TEDxShelburneFalls.com>
    (413) 625-9203/

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    *TED = Technology. Entertainment. Design
    x = independently organized event
    Live = livestream simulcast*

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