[Hidden-tech] how to replace domain owner / contact when original owner / contact is no longer with us......

Donald M Stevens dstevens at tryandfindit.com
Thu Jun 6 13:40:52 UTC 2019

Good morning all,

I have a client who needs to change the contact person / owner information for their domain.
They use "namecheap.com" (guess the name tells you what you get)
The person who setup the domain years ago, is no longer with us and there is no way to contact this person.
The client's domain registration ran out, they had no email and no domain access.
I was able to open an account in my name with "namecheap", pay the domain fee for this domain, now they get emails and access to their website.
So, they let me pay for the domain registration, but won't let me or my client change the contact information without talking to the original owner.
"namecheap" did say we could take legal action. (What?, do we take "namecheap" to court?, do we take the original owner, that we can't reach, to court? "namecheap" doesn't have any answers)

Does anyone know a way around this?

My client would like to change the contact information on their domain. (but they currently do not have authorization)


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