[Hidden-tech] Easthampton Savings Bank debacles; Other Bank Recommendations

Rob Laporte rob at 2disc.com
Fri Jul 26 13:35:13 UTC 2019

Hi HTers,

10 to 15 years ago I chose Easthampton Savings Bank (ESB) for business and personal because I prefer going local, but during the last two years poor tech and lack of redress, which has cost my firm ~$1800 of lost billable, has me seeking another bank with a branch in Greenfield.

I wonder if others have had problems with ESB, and I’d be grateful for bank recommendations.

Some of the ESB failings are:

  *   When ESB migrated their online banking, they forced us to re-enter all payees, and for a while the old system kept paying in double the new systems, yet we could not login to the old.
  *   Both online and called notice of travel failed to enable cards to work out of state, and that very requirement puts cost of security on the customer more so than other cards and banks we've use.
  *   Town tax changes caused increase of mortgage/tax payments by $6.95/mo, and with no prior notice about this change, this prompted mailed threats of collections for $6.85 (of ~$1800) being late less than a month.

ESB’s SVP, Commercial Services Manager, Maura Kelly, denied my request for compensation in the form of some months of free use of our $20/mo business check scanner. Her evasions and excuses suggest lack of ownership of the problems, which spirit suggests future problems are likely.

Again, I’d be grateful for Greenfield-local recommendations for a new bank, preferably local, but I realize that economies of scale in bank tech may make a national bank with a local branch the better choice.

Best Regards,

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