[Hidden-tech] Looking for feedback on headline for social entrepreneurship website

Greg Caulton greg at gregcaulton.com
Thu Jul 25 13:36:10 UTC 2019

Shel — that’s a lot to review (so I won’t).

You could try applying some “rules” about headlines: shorter is better; don’t ask questions; sell the sizzle, not the sausage. 

Greg :-)=
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> On Jul 25, 2019, at 8:00 AM, Shel Horowitz via Hidden-discuss <hidden-discuss at lists.hidden-tech.net> wrote:
> Looking for feedback on the new lead headline for my main website. The body text will be different depending on which headline I run with. Please tell me why you chose the one you did. Additional suggestions or "I hate this one" also welcome.
> How Can You Help the World and Still Have a Profitable Business?
> How Can Your Business Make a Difference on the Things that REALLY Matter—And Thrive Financially—At the Same Time?
> Can Your Social and Environmental Commitments Help Your Business Thrive?
> Can Being a Hero to the Planet and Its People Make Your Business More Profitable?
> “How Can I Make a Difference in the World AND A Good Profit?”
> How You Can Help the World and Still Have a Profitable Business
> How Can You Help the World While Building a Profitable Business
> How Can You Help the World While Building a Thriving Business
> How Your Business Can Thrive as it Makes a Difference in the World
> How Can Your Business Thrive as it Makes a Difference in the World?
> How to Turn Your Social and Environmental Values into Profits
> “How Can I Turn My Social and Environmental Values into Profits?”
> Social Entrepreneurship: The Surprising Secret of So Many Profitable Businesses
> Social Entrepreneurship: A Surprising Secret of Business Success
> Social Justice, Planetary Healing—and PROFIT: Three Legs of Business Success
> Are You a SECRET Social Entrepreneur?
> Why are you Keeping Your Social Entrepreneurship a Secret?
> Change the World AND Create a Thriving Business!
> Change the World AND Make Good Profit!
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