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Fri Jan 25 14:10:13 UTC 2019

If you are using the internal speaker system, then the problem might be the
connector for earphones.

Those connectors are designed for maximum function & minimum cost. When
inserted, the earphone plug moves a tiny piece of metal out of the way of
another, and just touches it to get to the audio line. This moving metal
also disconnects the internal speakers.

There could be some dust / dirt there. Pushing any earphone plug in and out
several times can clean it.

Don't put anything but a earphone connector in the slot. While the internal
connector is a 15 cent item, the cost of having it changed is probably a

Jim Ussailis

National Wireless, Inc

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Hi all,
     I have been having a strange problem with my pc laptop,  The sound
seems to start off fine but then fades to nothing after several minutes.
The amount of time that it works fine can vary.  I recently watched a video
and the volume was fine for the first 45 minutes.  Other times the sound
cuts out after a minute or two.  after that   I as the video continues to
play the sound  come on occasionally so that I can make out at most a word
every few minutes.  I'm wondering if anyone might have any suggestions for
things I might try to remediate this,oh wise ones.

     Many thanks,

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