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My guess is this will fill up a list with a lot of chatter directed at one
person. I know that I send a lot more private responses then public ones,
because many of them would simply not be of interest to most of the people
on your list. It will be interesting to see how this works out.

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> This is just to warn HT list community that we are trying a setting change.
> With major email providers (like Gmail, Yahoo, etc) enforcing SPF settings,
> the previous list setting left the From address of each email as that of
> the
> poster -- which, since the email is now coming from the HT list, is
> valid any more,
> per SPF setting.
> Hence the list settings are being changed to remove From address and
> change Reply-to
> to the list email.
> You might need to put your own address in your SIG, esp for off list
> replies.
> SO let's see how this works.
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