[Hidden-tech] Just a few more questions on the mac-to-PC transition

Robert Heller heller at deepsoft.com
Mon Mar 12 12:14:08 EDT 2018

At Mon, 12 Mar 2018 13:00:30 +0100 Shel Horowitz <shel at principledprofit.com> wrote:

> Thanks to this community (and some significant time on tech support calls
> and chats), I'm making progress. I've gotten files onto my external from my
> Mac, successfully installed MS Office (not an easy thing because the
> company I bought the software from apparently was supposed to notify
> Microsoft and the program didn't recognize my MS account as having
> purchased it—that one took half an hour on Microsoft's Live Chat to
> straighten out).I also installed Malwarebytes antivirus.
> Advice: do NOT buy software from SoftwaresMax if you will ever need tech
> support. I have contacted the company 2x by phone and once by chat. 2
> voicemails with no call back, 1 successful connection to someone who was
> helpful but her solution didn't fix the problem, and one completely
> inappropriate response on chat.
> Still having a few issues and questions:
>    1. What am I doing wrong that my external  (Seagate USB that I think is
>    about 10 years old and connects fine on the Mac) doesn't show up when I
>    plug it into the PC's USB? I've tried both ports and also tried restarting
>    while it's connected. I can't even figure out what letter it is in the hope
>    that I could find a pathname that way. It's not C, D, or E, as those are
>    claimed by built-in devices, and it does not show up under Device Manager:
>    Dries

Guessing: the drive is formatted with the Mac file system -- M$ won't be able 
to handle that (althouh Linux will).

>    2. I installed the drivers for my Dell 3335dn networked multifunction
>    printer but every time I try to print I get error messages. I have tried
>    cleaning out the queue, but some of the errors don't even put something in
>    the queue. It prints fine both from my Mac and my wife's both of which are
>    also connecting wirelessly. I tried a hard-wire connection with a blue
>    Ethernet cable, no luck.I haven't yet tried a crossover cable but I'd
>    rather do it wirelessly anyway.
>    3. Internet browsers on the Mac include a top menu (e.g., in Chrome,
>    it's Chrome-File-Edit-View-History-Bookmarks-Peole-Window-Help). I figured
>    out how to jump between windows on the PC browsers (Chrome and Edge) but
>    not how to do the other stuff that I get from the menus. Is there a way to
>    display them?

Arg... The "new way" is to not have menu bars (on both MS-Windows and newer
versions of Linux, since *nobody* uses the menu bars with webbrowsers :-). I
don't know about Chrome or Edge, but with Firefox under Lunux there is a menu
icon in the upper right corner. *Right Click* there and there is a dropdown
"context" menu where you can enable the "menu bar". I would *guess* the same
sort of thing will work for Chrome or Edge, but I don't know -- *I* don't use
M$ software and Chrome does not run on the version of Linux I use.

(The "top menu" is not disablable under MacOS -- it is a "feature" of Finder.  
Note: under M$, the menu bar is "attached" to the application window.  Same 
for *most* Linux GUI systems [Ubuntu's Unity behaves like MacOS's Finder].)

>    4. I'm looking for a good keyboard macro program, ideally $50 or less
>    for a one-time purchase. My needs are fairly simple, pretty much just text
>    strings (been getting by just fine with the very simple AText on Mac). Any
>    recommendations?
>    5. How do I set the default so that MS Office documents are stored on
>    the actual physical drive rather than the cloud-based OneDrive? I am fine
>    about using the cloud for music and photos, but I've had enough experience
>    with data files being inaccessible via the cloud that I'd rather have them
>    physically stored on the computer.
> Other than the huge footprint that barely fits into my backpack, I think
> I'm really going to like this computer once the bugs are worked out. And
> the footprint is directly related to two features I like a lot: the
> beautiful screen and the real numeric keypad.
> Thanks once more and Happy Daylight Savings Time.
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