[Hidden-tech] Just a few more questions on the mac-to-PC transition

Shel Horowitz shel at principledprofit.com
Mon Mar 12 08:00:30 EDT 2018

Thanks to this community (and some significant time on tech support calls
and chats), I'm making progress. I've gotten files onto my external from my
Mac, successfully installed MS Office (not an easy thing because the
company I bought the software from apparently was supposed to notify
Microsoft and the program didn't recognize my MS account as having
purchased it—that one took half an hour on Microsoft's Live Chat to
straighten out).I also installed Malwarebytes antivirus.

Advice: do NOT buy software from SoftwaresMax if you will ever need tech
support. I have contacted the company 2x by phone and once by chat. 2
voicemails with no call back, 1 successful connection to someone who was
helpful but her solution didn't fix the problem, and one completely
inappropriate response on chat.

Still having a few issues and questions:

   1. What am I doing wrong that my external  (Seagate USB that I think is
   about 10 years old and connects fine on the Mac) doesn't show up when I
   plug it into the PC's USB? I've tried both ports and also tried restarting
   while it's connected. I can't even figure out what letter it is in the hope
   that I could find a pathname that way. It's not C, D, or E, as those are
   claimed by built-in devices, and it does not show up under Device Manager:
   2. I installed the drivers for my Dell 3335dn networked multifunction
   printer but every time I try to print I get error messages. I have tried
   cleaning out the queue, but some of the errors don't even put something in
   the queue. It prints fine both from my Mac and my wife's both of which are
   also connecting wirelessly. I tried a hard-wire connection with a blue
   Ethernet cable, no luck.I haven't yet tried a crossover cable but I'd
   rather do it wirelessly anyway.
   3. Internet browsers on the Mac include a top menu (e.g., in Chrome,
   it's Chrome-File-Edit-View-History-Bookmarks-Peole-Window-Help). I figured
   out how to jump between windows on the PC browsers (Chrome and Edge) but
   not how to do the other stuff that I get from the menus. Is there a way to
   display them?
   4. I'm looking for a good keyboard macro program, ideally $50 or less
   for a one-time purchase. My needs are fairly simple, pretty much just text
   strings (been getting by just fine with the very simple AText on Mac). Any
   5. How do I set the default so that MS Office documents are stored on
   the actual physical drive rather than the cloud-based OneDrive? I am fine
   about using the cloud for music and photos, but I've had enough experience
   with data files being inaccessible via the cloud that I'd rather have them
   physically stored on the computer.

Other than the huge footprint that barely fits into my backpack, I think
I'm really going to like this computer once the bugs are worked out. And
the footprint is directly related to two features I like a lot: the
beautiful screen and the real numeric keypad.

Thanks once more and Happy Daylight Savings Time.

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