[Hidden-tech] Need advise on image colors for printing

Sam McClellan sam at itabix.com
Fri Mar 2 16:53:37 EST 2018

Remember that in the end, what you want is for the printed version to 
look good, not exactly like the original because that's impossible with 
RGB/additive color/glowing monitor to CMYK/subtractive color/reflective 
paper. Optimally you want someone with a trained eye who's done it a 
bunch because they can tell what it's going to look like.

For manual tweaking I would recommend photoshop, gimp is really not as 
good for converting and showing CMYK in my experience. Not sure if 
there's another editor out there that does good CMYK.

Color calibration definitely helps in any case, I only use the built in 
Windows color calibration (and trial and error) but you can get a good, 
cheap color calibrator:


On 3/2/2018 4:19 PM, Rich Roth wrote:
> yes - I was thinking that comment implies a color-calibrated monitor  
> would be needed.
> it also means a color-calibrated eye, with the originals side-by-side
> or even the original artist.
> Was hoping not to need that.
> Rich
> On 3/2/2018 4:06 PM, Duane Dale wrote:
>> Regarding Sam's suggestion:  preferably a color-calibrated monitor 
>> for the tweaking, I would think.
>> On Fri, Mar 2, 2018 at 3:06 PM, Sam McClellan <sam at itabix.com 
>> <mailto:sam at itabix.com>> wrote:
>>     Hi Rich - I'm not super print savvy but I do know it's not as
>>     simple as
>>     batch converting them if the colors are at all complex and you
>>     want them
>>     to look similar - the color gamuts don't match so some colors
>>     will look
>>     off (usually darkened) because they have to be modified to fit in the
>>     new gamut. I usually bring them into Photoshop, which does an
>>     okay job
>>     of simulating print on a monitor, and tweak them, then make test
>>     prints.
>>     Sam
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