[Hidden-tech] Hiring: Senior/Lead Drupal Developer

Noah Smith noah at commonmedia.com
Fri Jan 27 11:59:15 EST 2017

Common Media <http://commonmedia.com> is looking for an outstanding
Senior/Lead Drupal Developer to join our 20-person, award-winning digital
services agency in Hadley, Massachusetts. We specialize in custom-built,
open-source content management and digital repository solutions for
universities, corporations and government agencies.

We appreciate a wide breadth of experience, but the final requirements for
this particular opening are a passion for Drupal, expertise with both
Drupal 7 and Drupal 8, and the drive to keep up with the latest tools,
processes and techniques. We prefer to hire full-time and on-site, but
could make an exception for an exceptional candidate.

Primary responsibilities will include:


   Software Architecture

      Requirements-gathering and analysis;

      Implementation planning and technical documentation with individual
      project teams: tools, approach, resource allocation, and implementation

      Assessing technical risk and preparing mitigation plans as necessary;

      Revising approach and implementation plans as circumstances require.

   Software Development

      Drupal site-building, custom module development and/or theming for
      new projects;

      Larger new-feature additions to existing Drupal client projects.

   Technical Leadership (Lead Developer)

      Maintaining an active knowledge of the latest relevant tools, trends
      and technologies as opportunities for innovation and excellence:

         Ensuring that team members are aware of relevant emerging

         Considering and evaluating applicable technologies for adoption
         into standard practice and/or for specific projects.

      Willingness and desire to be presented with (and to solve) the most
      difficult technical challenges that arise within the Drupal team.

Valued skills and attributes:


   A healthy respect for and knowledge of the Drupal API and standard
   development practices;

   Ability to write consistent, standards-compliant HTML and CSS;

   Ability to create efficient and maintainable interactive features with
   jQuery (optional);

   Ability to consider edge cases and thoroughly test your own code;

   An earnest belief in writing good code for the sake of writing good code;

   Ability (and eagerness) to learn new skills on the job;

   Comfort working on the command line, especially in Mac and Linux

   Familiarity with modern version control, preferably Git;

   Attention to detail and production schedules;

   Ability to contribute positively in a team environment;

   Ability to maintain a busy work schedule in a collaborative work

Working at Common Media

At Common Media, we hire craftspeople who care about keeping their tools
sharp: we look for co-workers who enjoy an environment of continuous
learning, are proficient at getting things done, and care about doing
things right.

Everyone on our team wants to be challenged at work, but also values the
time and space to nurture other interests when they go home.

Our benefits include:


   Competitive salary;

   Health, dental and life Insurance;

   401k Plan and matching;

   Paid maternity and second-parent or paternity leave;

   Unlimited snacks, tea and a cold-brew coffee on tap;

   Adjacent access to the bikepath;

   Individual professional development budgets;

   A casual, comfortable working environment.

Please submit a resumé, cover letter, and salary requirements (if any) to
jobs at commonmedia.com.

Noah W. Smith, Founder + CEO
*Common Media *| 84 Russell St, Hadley MA | phone: 413-259-6777 |
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