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Folks, I am forwarding this from Deb (she attached big pretty pictures 
you can see as urls at the end)

*For questions, email her not me, debchandler411 at gmail.com*

Personally I find cash is often more useful, but these folks are in the 
thick of it,
so if you are so minded and can help, go to it.

And may all the best go with them


On 8/31/2017 5:53 PM, hidden-discuss-bounces at lists.hidden-tech.net wrote:
 > Subject:
 > * * * PLEASE DONATE GOODS for local trucking convoy heading to Texas 
* * *
 > From:
 > Deborah Chandler <debchandler411 at gmail.com>
 > Date:
 > 8/31/2017 5:51 PM
 > Hey folks,
 > If you've been wanting to do something to help the flood victims down 
in Texas, here is a great locally-based opportunity. Any
 > ​donation of goods
 > , small or large, is welcomed...
 > Once you read this email, if you still have questions, please send 
them to me, and if I can't answer it, I will call the point person's 
cellphone (trying not to overwhelm their small crew) ​
 > ​All Parts Racing, a  local reputable company in Ware is organizing a 
trucking convoy heading to Texas, and I want to spread the word and get 
them lots of donations.
 > As of now, they ​have 3-4 trucks heading to Corpus Christi, as that 
is where they have been contracted to help
 > ​with​ recovery work. They're staying for at least a few months. ​
 > They have made arrangements​ to drop donations at the Salvation Army 
 > ​, and some will be distributed elsewhere​. This may be revised, 
updated, and other stops added, and
 > I will let you know as soon as I know.
 > ​Any info about folks heading to Louisiana, I will also send along. ​
 > APR's got staff researching reputable recipients of goods, so I feel 
assured they are being thorough. I have attached photos of the trailer 
they are packing now, as well as one of their tow trucks (called 
 > ​, apparently​) that is going down. They're also sending some flatbeds.
 > Here's APR's message from their Facebook page:
 > APR is heading to Texas...we want to LOAD UP THE 
TRUCKS.....collecting non-perishable food items, toiletries of all 
types, baby diapers, animal food, cleaning supplies, etc. (see list 
below) Please check the internet sites to see other items they're 
 > ​* * * ​
 > T​he t​railer will be located in the A​ll Parts Racing Parking lot,
 > ​55 ​East St​. in​ Ware
 > ​,​ near the underpass. * * *
 > ​Drop Off Hours:
 > Thursday 8/31,  9:00-6:00
 > Friday ​9/1, ​ 9:00-6:00
 > Sat 7:00- noon
 > ​T​hen, ​ ​the convoy will be heading out...
 > ​And ​
 > SHARE as you much as you can!!!
 > ​ Let's show Texas lots of love from Western Massachusetts! ​
 > Anyone that is available to assist in manning the trailer during 
these times
 > ​would be much appreciated. Please have supplies either bagged or 
boxed if possible. Please CLEARLY LABEL the box/bag contents, for more 
efficient distribution​.​
 > Thank you advance for any and all assistance!!!
 > Updates can be seen at: 
 > * * * *
 > ​DEB'S ​ UPDATE: I just got a big donation from Deals & Steals in 
 > Their warehouse guys are going to bring a big load
 >  directly over to Ware. THANK YOU, Deals & Steals, you guys rock! * * *
 > ​Ok, so here's the list...​
 > ITEMS NEEDED: (And as you think of other things,
 > ​just add it in. Imagine you have had to leave your house with hardly 
any warning
 > ​ and you're tired, hungry and stressed out​
 > . What would you need?) Please excuse my redund​ancies or omis​sions; 
I am writing this out in a rush,
to get the word spread in short order.
 > Food: (As of now, they are not taking perishable foods down; I am 
checking with another company who may be driving a refrigerated truck 
down, but I don't have confirmation yet.)
 > ​C​anned vegetables and beans, canned soup, cup-of-soup, tuna, 
cereal, shelf-stable milk (also soy, rice, almond, coconut), tomato 
sauce, coffee (also good for asthmatics to open bronchials, there's a 
lot of mold down there now...​),
 > t​ea(herbal, green and black)​
 > , peanut butter, jam, condiments, crackers/cookies, cases of water, 
shelf-stable produce, kids' snacks, pet food,
 > ​K​osher foods, Halal foods, gluten-free items. Peanuts/other nuts, 
dried fruits, cooking oils.
 > ​Etc...​
 > General/household/clean up/workpersons' supplies:
 > ​D​ish soap, laundry soap, zip lock bags,
 > ​b​ig plastic totes and ​containers, ​coolers,  big black markers (to 
label possessions),
 > small garbage bags, large contractor garbage bags, can openers, 
pillows, blankets, towels, gloves, rubber boots, brooms, mops, cleaning 
supplies, bug spray, paper plates, hot and cold cups, plastic utensils, 
flashlights, batteries, dehumidifiers, air circulators, extension cords, 
ground fault protectors, pop up canopies,
 > ​tarps, ​shovels, wheelbarrows, crowbars, hammers, utility knives, 
work gloves, misc tools, chainsaws, rope, safety glasses, 5 gallon 
buckets, first aid kits. ​
 > Personal care/toiletries:
 > Tissues, feminine hygiene products, bath soap, shampoo, hairbrushes, 
toothbrushes, toothpaste, disposable razors, shaving cream, deodorant, 
moisturizer, Alka Seltzer, Pepto Bismol, other ​aids for ​digestion, 
aspirin, OTC pain relievers
 > , natural remedies, first aid supplies, antibiotic ointments, ​ACE 
​bandages, ​gauze, ​bandaids.
 > Baby items:
 > Diapers, baby wipes, baby formula and bottles, bottle warmer, baby food,
 > ​baby soap and shampoo, ​soft bath towels and wash cloths.
 > Clothes:
 > NEW socks and underwear, ​new or used ​shirts and pants, ​boots, 
​shoes​, raincoats, umbrellas, etc​.
 > Entertainment/toys:
 > Books, crossword puzzles, word games, coloring books, crayons, 
drawing pads, pencils and pens, journals,
 > board games, soccer balls, play balls, frisbees, etc.
 > Monetary Donations:
 > These folks will NOT ​be accepting cash donations or ​ carrying cash 
down to Texas.

 > If you want to donate money, please check online for reputable 
organizations to send it to
 > ​, including the Salvation Army in Corpus Christi​.
 > Thanks, everyone!
 > Deb Chandler​
Pretty pictures of the truck:

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