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If there was a police report, shouldn’t that suffice? Or does their customer need to be the one to report it to the insurance company?


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Hi Hidden Techers,


Could someone pass along the name of an attorney who could provide me with a FREE consult on my car accident situation?


I want to be clear, this is NOT a bodily injury claim. My car was struck by another driver on July 4th, and here it is August 10th, and the at-fault driver's insurance company is still saying that they have to wait for their insured to "make a statement" about the accident before they can complete their investigation and will release funds toward my car's repair (which might be deemed totalled). I know for a fact that the driver has flat out refused to contact them. He is a 22-year old delinquent who was arrested that same night for assault to murder. He is out on bail now. His rapsheet is a mile long. 


I am needing to know my legal rights and options. If relevent in who can handle this case, the collision took place in Chicopee, the driver lives in Ludlow and I live in South Hadley. 


In addition to speaking with an attorney, maybe someone has dealt with a similar situation and has pertinent advice on how to handle it myself (or pro se if taking legal steps)?


Thanks in advance for any leads. I just need to put this incident behind me. I've already alerted my PD and every PD involved, saying I am scared of this guy and his gang connections and I don't need any trouble, I just want my car fixed. 


Thanks very much,


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