[Hidden-tech] Free (or cheap): Thinsulate insulation

Duane Dale duane.dale at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 08:46:16 EDT 2017

Consider this as a different kind of Hidden Tech (tech category: energy
conservation; hidden by usually being sewn between layers of fabric)...

*Thinsulate insulation *(by 3M), 45" wide by about 40 yards long.
Free to a non-profit or "make offer" to anybody.

3M describes it as being useful as "interlining for winter jackets,
blankets, and other winter specialty clothes."
It's white, maybe 1/4" thick, spec'd at 5.9 oz. per yard.

We used part of a 70-yard roll to make insulating Roman shades; we don't
need the rest. This roll is the C200 version of Thinsulate.
For comparison, the C150 version, at 60" wide and 4.6 oz./yard, is
available online at about $10/yard!

Manufacturer's directions for that product: "Sew this as an interlining.
Use your lining pattern pieces to cut the Thinsulate, then stitch the
Thinsulate to the lining before sewing to the outer fabric. it provides
about 1-1/2 times the warmth of down and about twice the warmth of other
high-loft insulation materials."

Please contact me off line.
Duane Dale
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