[Hidden-tech] Hidden-tech] replacing Moto G (Droid) battery

Kiernan Gulick-Sherrill kiernan at greenearthpc.us
Tue Jun 7 08:39:23 EDT 2016

$50 is about standard and pretty reasonable if that includes time and parts
(and some guarantee on the labor and parts). That is the same as what we
charge for most iPhone battery replacements (and some androids that require

You can do it yourself if you have the tools, although in many cases they
hide them behind small cables and such, so do be very careful

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On Jun 7, 2016 6:32 AM, "Shel Horowitz" <shel at principledprofit.com> wrote:

> Since we're on the subject of phone batteries...my two-year-old phone is
> holding a charge only a few hours. I looked into replacing the battery, and
> they can be found very cheaply, but inside the phone is a warning that it's
> not user-serviceable (and didn't look like it took a screwdriver I own).
> I'm wondering if this is something non-techie me should try, or if it's
> really complicated enough that I shouldn't. Or maybe should I just replace
> the phone with one that includes GSM (European) capabilities? Local service
> kiosks want about $50 to do the battery switch.
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