[Hidden-tech] Seeking to hire consultant to help find the right app for my business

Todd M. LeMieux todd at toddlemieux.com
Thu Dec 15 08:52:42 EST 2016

Have you heard of or considered Studiometry?




On 12/14/16 5:17 PM, Erica Silber wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am a solopreneur looking for a more sophisticated project management 
> app which I will need to begin using by January 1. What I need does 
> not seem to be searchable on Google and it is taking way too long to 
> look through project management app websites one by one to figure out 
> if they have what I want, as none so far do. I'm hoping somebody out 
> there is very knowledgeable about what apps are available and what 
> their features are, so I can hire you for a consulting session and you 
> can lead me to the best program for me. Please contact me if you can 
> help, or if you know someone else who might be able to, please feel 
> free to forward this message and/or send me their contact info.
> Here's what I need:
> 1. A program that will allow me to estimate project time for my own 
> internal purposes (not to make bids to clients), and then give me a 
> visual comparison between my estimates and actuals so I can hone my 
> estimating skills and get a good sense of my typical margin of error.
> 2. A program that will allow me to enter my project time estimates and 
> deadlines, preferably with a margin of error, and my desired hours in 
> a given time frame (biweekly and monthly), and give me a picture of 
> how full my schedule is so that I can determine whether I have 
> availability for new projects. This is without precisely scheduling 
> how much time per day I expect to spend, as my work cannot be that 
> precisely scheduled in advance. I typically think in terms of 2-week 
> chunks. I need the program to update in real time as I clock time on 
> each project, so whenever a new inquiry comes in, I can see a snapshot 
> of my availability.
> 3. I need a timer to track my time on tasks and projects and then 
> develop invoices. I bill hourly with different rates for different 
> clients and sometimes for different tasks, and I need to invoice 
> clients by project, not by task. (I am currently using Paydirt, which 
> will only add time by task, so I actually have to edit every invoice 
> manually with a calculator.) I also need all of the usual reports that 
> come with time tracking and invoicing programs.
> Those are the primary pieces. If you think you can help, please email 
> me at erica at writtenwings.com <mailto:erica at writtenwings.com> or call 
> me at 413-923-1704.
> Thanks!
> Erica
> Erica Diane Silber
> Written Wings
> /for visionaries of a better world/
> 413-923-1704
> Erica at WrittenWings.com
> WrittenWings.com <http://WrittenWings.com>
> Facebook.com/WrittenWings <http://Facebook.com/WrittenWings>
> Written Wings Flight Log (quarterly on the writer's craft for 
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