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Sun Dec 11 22:03:49 EST 2016

Michael, I have some gear in the studio that may be compatible. While I don't rent any equipment out, I may be able to help. Give me a call during business hours If you don't find a machine.   Rikk Desgres Pinehurst Pictures & Sound www.pinehurstpictures.com 413-584-6200  

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On December 9, 2016 at 9:53:28 AM EST, Michael Jacobson-Hardy <mjacobsonhardy at gmail.com> wrote:I made a series of recordings on an old YAMAHA MULTITRACK CASSETTE RECORDER-- DUAL SPEED TRANSPORT and would like to digitize the recordings but the recorder no longer works. Does anyone have a cassette recorder that can play tapes at tape speeds 9.5 and 4.8 that I can borrow temporarily? Many thanks, Michael  MJH TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONSCOMPUTER REPAIRS & CONSULTING Michael Jacobson-Hardy mjhtechnology.com         _______________________________________________ Hidden-discuss mailing list - home page: http://www.hidden-tech.net Hidden-discuss at lists.hidden-tech.net  You are receiving this because you are on the Hidden-Tech Discussion list. If you would like to change your list preferences, Go to the Members page on the Hidden Tech Web site. http://www.hidden-tech.net/members    
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