[Hidden-tech] website/database volunteer needed for immigration cooperative

Lynn Benander lynn at cooppower.coop
Thu Dec 8 11:57:25 EST 2016

I'm writing to ask your support for an import new initiative. As immigrants
face increasing threat of deportation, my friend Billy Peard, an
immigration lawyer (and the board chair for Nuestras Raices in Holyoke), is
launching an immigrant cooperative venture, a non-profit where immigrants
will pay in a small amount to become part of the cooperative, others of us
will also donate, and if any of the immigrant members is picked up, the
co-op will post bail and provide legal support. Billy is looking for help
putting up a website, setting up a database, organizing mobilization teams
who will respond if someone is picked up, and help spreading the word.
Please complete this survey <https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/R6MQVJ5> to let
him know how you'd like to be involved! You can also call or email me with
your answers, if you'd prefer.
Lynn Benander

Lynn Benander
Co-op Power and Northeast Biodiesel
lynn at cooppower.coop

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