[Hidden-tech] Motherboard Short-Out Question (Possibleentertainment value)

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Let's say that someone who has designing electronic circuits since 1958,
not me, of course, and let's say that person has a few suggestions:

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS disconnect ALL power sources before even removing a
screw from the case.

In some instances one might get a bite that would cause lots of us to send

Finally NEVER, NEVER, NEVER open up the innards of a microwave oven.
There's a high voltage capacitor inside that is charged to around 4000
thousand volts. The capacitor can (read; most likely does) retain that
charge for a long time.

Your life is worth more than the 50 to 80 bucks for a new microwave from

Safety First,

PS Did I also mention that old picture tube monitor or TV. It, too, has a
capacitor that is charged. In monitors & TVs made since the 50s, the
capacitor is "formed" by an inner and outer coating on the picture tube.
The charge is about 14,000 volts for B&W, 23,000 volt for color.

So the picture tube is charged. But that is the least of worries. The high
vacuum in the picture tube can cause the tube to implode. Do NOT strike or
hit the tube. Yes there is a coating on the face of the tube to reduce the
flying glass.

Years ago, when town dumps were common, TV repairmen would take old TV
picture tubes, along with a .22 rifle, to the dump & shoot the things from
a safe distance.

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Subject: [Hidden-tech] Motherboard Short-Out Question
(Possibleentertainment value)

Let's say (hypothetically) that someone (not me of course), while 
replacing the badly-cracked touchscreen of an originally $600 ASUS Q502L 
portable with a $175 screen from eBay:

 1. Did not remove the battery first (6 screws and various connectors
    joined the battery to the motherboard), and;
 2. Allowed a dangling data cable to accidentally touch a lead on the
 3. Causing a spark and some carbon, with the result that:
 4. The motherboard no longer sends a signal to a touchscreen
    (replacement or original cracked one). However,
 5. The machine works fine otherwise - one can connect the HDMI port to
    an external monitor.

  Let's say further (again, hypothetically) that:

 1. The machine was purchased a year ago from BestBuy or someplace by
    one's girlfriend;
 2. The replacement touchscreen was just bought on eBay by one's
    girlfriend on one's own advice;
 3. A refurbished ASUS Q502L can be had for $345 on eBay, and one could
    swap hard drives and save parts;
 4. The girlfriend does not like the ASUS Q502L because it is too damn
    large to carry around easily.

Imaginative Possibilities:

1) A magical elf can repair the circuitry on the motherboard for less 
than the $345 replacement;

2) The touchscreen seller will pay $175+shipping for a returned screen 
plus machine, as long as the screen works.

3) Someone else on this list is doing the portable-as-desktop thing and 
this ASUS is such an improvement over what they're using that they'd 
make a $200 offer for the machine and the screen.

4) My imagination is as limited as someone's hypothetical PC repair skills.



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