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Chris Hart, MyMacTech.com chris at chrishart.net
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Hi Deb

I've used client's hotspots here and there -- mostly verizon -- and they've worked well.  But I don't have extensive enough experience to offer an opinion.  But I wanted to make you aware of an important point, after hearing you ask about using the cellular data service as your sole internet connection....

Be cognizant of the fact that all cellular data services have a monthly data cap; over which they often charge hefty fees.  So that's why using a hotspot as your sole internet connection may not be the right solution for you -- depending on your data usage.  Cable internet services often have a monthly data cap, too, but it's dramatically higher than cellular services (the limit in the case of broadband is there simply to stop the heaviest users from 'abusing' the network).

Make sure that whatever solution you decide to spring for has a sufficient refund policy/period, so you're not locked in, if the service isn't good in your particular area.

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> On Oct 25, 2015, at 9:19 PM, Deborah Chandler <debchandler411 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Do any of you have a suggestion on getting my own mobile Wifi hotspot? (I'm going to research this, but I have faith that folks here already know plenty more than me about my options...)
> I started doing work which requires that I be out and about a lot, working out of my vehicle, and I would like the flexibility of being able to use my laptop wherever I am, and not be tethered to a Wifi signal that is location-specific.
> A related question: is it possible to make sense of having just that type of mobile hotspot and do away with my stationary Wifi at home altogether? My current Wifi is with Comcast and I would love any excuse to not put any more money in their coffers.
> Thanks, as usual, for all the wisdom this group provides.
> Best,
> Deb
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