[Hidden-tech] [PossibleSpam] Re: veterinary house calls?

Bram Moreinis bmoreinis at gamefacewebdesign.com
Fri Oct 23 10:12:07 EDT 2015

Hi, Lynne.

Robert and Linda Sidorsky were wonderful for my "prepare for end of life 
/ end of life" with Zoltan, my 175 lb Alaskan Malamute.


I did just what you propose:  developed a relationship, and then six 
months later could easily involve them.  Robert was wonderful and Zoltan 
had about the best end a dog with bone cancer could ever hope for, at 
home surrounded by his loved ones and neighbors.


> Hi Everyone
> 	Thanks for all the wonderful recommendations and quick response. I think I have what I need.
> 	I realize that I didn’t give much information about why I needed a vet to make a house call. Fortunately, this is not an end-of-life issue. I have two middle-aged cats who have always been very traumatized by having to travel anywhere and I haven’t taken them to a vet for quite a few years. One of them is having a minor skin issue and I decided that, since they are getting older, it is time to develop a relationship with a vet who can come here if/when needed.
> 	And, just to be clear, my cats are not spoiled at all. Really.
> 	Thanks again
> 	Lynne
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