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Kirsten Bonanza kirbonanza at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 18:19:57 EDT 2015

I've started having problems with pop ups while using chrome.  Both on my
Macbook and my desktop.  What I realized was that this started as soon as I
logged in to my personalized chrome.

Now I'm thinking it could be an extension causing the issue.  But I've only
added 1) Facebook Share them all and 2) Adblocker.

Any thoughts?

Most of the pop ups are for games (don't click the white tile, etc) but
I've gotten some more adult ones, spyware offers, etc.  The usual when you
have a virus, right?  But I don't think it is a virus.  At least not in the
new computers.  This has now happened twice with new computers (one
refurbished and one brand new.) I had to buy something so that I wasn't
stuck while the first was getting fixed :(

Also FYI I don't download anything that I'm not sure of (skype, one drive,
chrome, dropbox) so I can't think of what else would affect both my mac and
PC and only when using chrome.


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