[Hidden-tech] B Corps panel event UMass Isenberg THIS Tuesday March 25th, 7pm

Andrew Bellak Andrew at stakeholderscapital.com
Mon Mar 24 07:55:13 EDT 2014

Hey everybody,

I apologize for including an attachment.

I did not realize that was a policy.

Phil, I'd be happy to have a conversation regarding compliance rules and regulations in our section of the securities industry.


On March 23, 2014 4:37:49 PM EDT, Rich Roth <webmaster at hidden-tech.net> wrote:
>Phil and HT Group:
>This is a bit of a mess due to a bit of sloppiness from a number of
>1) clearly the original email from Andrew Bellak included a standard 
>signature that really didn't apply,
>and I couldn't see, because my preview doesn't show full messages.
>2) Phil responded with a legal review that is interesting if not really
>relevant, also messy because it
>was sent to many unrelated parties and I ok'd just to send this
>response -
>3) Finally I ok'd the original message with an attachment that we don't
>allow on HT lists -- which I normally
>catch and Andrew should know being a long time list member.
>Overall, a reminder for everyone to be more careful when posting to the
>HT list and
>finally,  no other discussion on this topic will continue.
>On 3/23/2014 4:11 PM, Phil Innes wrote:
>> I received the message below from someone circulating information in
>this group, and the quoted segment below has no force in law that I
>know, and it is a wonder that people still use it;— in that it seeks
>prior restraint acting to suppress repetition IS against the law!
>> The phrase ‘may be considered advertising’ is particularly egregious,
>since after stating what the message is not, it still does not state
>what it is, and who ‘may’ consider it advertising, that is, if any
>message from the source may or may not be advertising, and since
>unwonted spamming is against the law, and since communications may also
>mislead, saying that they can be misleading would be no defense in law.
>> >From a publishing point of view arrangements for confidentiality are
>the same as with lawyers — that it must be a mutual up-front agreement.
>> I mention all these things since messages of this type may seem to
>offer an insulation against the result of circulating information,
>whereas to the best of my knowledge such a statement provides none
>whatever — with result that this can lead to a false or reduced sense
>of security —nor has anyone been successfully sued for contradicting
>terms stated in such messages, since the information is freely
>volunteered to others.
>> Cordially, Phil Innes
>> Phil Innes
>> Publisher
>> Vermont Views Magazine
>> www.vermontviews.org
>> (802) 254 9722
>>> This message is intended only for the personal and confidential use
>of the designated recipient(s) named above. If you are not the intended
>recipient of this message you are hereby notified that any review,
>dissemination, distribution or copying of this message is strictly
>prohibited. This communication is for information purposes only and
>should not be regarded as an offer to sell or as a solicitation of an
>offer to buy any financial product, an official confirmation of any
>transaction, or as an official statement of StakeHolders Capital. Email
>transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free.
>Therefore, we do not represent that this information is complete or
>accurate and it should not be relied upon as such. All information is
>subject to change without notice. This e-mail may be considered
>advertising under federal law. If you do not want to receive similar
>commercial electronic mail messages in the future from StakeHolders
>Capital, you may change your e-mail preferences at any time by
>contacting our office.
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