[Hidden-tech] Nook Connection Woes

Laura Sylvester lsyl at verizon.net
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You (or she) can take it to any Barnes and Noble for free tech support and trouble shooting. At least you could when I worked there, four years ago.

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Are there any Nook users on the list? I'm trying to help a neighbor 
set up her Nook to work with her wi-fi system. Everything looks 
correct - I scroll to the correct network in the list that shows up, 
and enter the proper password. It doesn't connect, and suggests I may 
have typed the wrong password. But my Windows 7 laptop next to it 
connects just fine.

All I can think is that there may be a hidden capslock key that's 
making caps out of what I type in for the password. It's a WPA-PSK 
authentication, if that makes any difference.

I know little about the Nook. Thanks for any help you can offer,
Dave Anderson

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