[Hidden-tech] Converting Catalogs to Digital Format

Tony Jillson stmix at birdwaves.com
Wed Mar 27 18:24:32 EDT 2013

Hi All,
I've been asked to find what I can about converting paper catalogs to digital format. These are old-school, pasted up by hand catalogs. Hundreds and hundreds of pages, with Rubylith images pasted in.
The text needs to be converted, and searchable, but can basically remain the same design.
My client says the film and other related supplies are becoming hard to find, and will run out in a year or two, so he needs to get on this sooner than later.
Thanks in advance for any info you may have for me.
-Tony Jillson

Tony Jillson
Birdwaves Media
Web Design • Graphics • Music
stmix at birdwaves.com
(413) 628-3805

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