[Hidden-tech] Grant will help area homeless find jobs

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*Note: they are looking for companies that have jobs to fill.**
Grant will help area homeless find jobs*

By CHRIS SHORES Recorder Staff*

A western Massachusetts organization will continue its fight against 
homelessness by placing 76 individuals into jobs this year, including 10 
to 20 from Franklin County.

"Secure Jobs Connect" --- a project led by Corporation for Public 
Management, and funded by a $300,000 grant from the Paul and Phyllis 
Fireman Charitable Foundation --- will help families who are, or at risk 
of becoming, homeless.

Staff working on Secure Jobs Connect will select individuals from 
western Massachusetts who come from families that are eligible for 
emergency shelters or have received short-term rental assistance through 
the state program "HomeBASE."

Staff will help to connect those individuals with a local business. 
Then, once they're hired, the staff will offer financial and moral 
support to both employer and employee. Secure Jobs Connect has 
guaranteed that at least 61 of its participants will remain in their 
jobs for at least one year.

Homelessness affects 500 people in western Massachusetts and employment 
can be a longlasting solution to the problem, according to information 
provided by the Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness, the 
organization that spearheaded the project.

"We are thrilled to participate in this exciting opportunity to 
demonstrate how homeless families can become housing stable with stable 
employment," said Pamela Schwartz, director of the Network, in a 
statement issued Tuesday. "We have a model that is already on its way to 
proving successful."

The project covers all of western Massachusetts, but the effort will be 
most focused on high populous areas like Springfield, said Schwartz.

It began last month and the grant will pay for 2 1?2

employee positions, said Schwartz. Money will also be used to support 
both business and employee, in an effort to keep the individuals in 
their new jobs.

For more information, call the Secure Jobs Connect program office at 
413-536-5403, ext. 229 or email cpmet at partnersforcommunity.org 
<mailto:cpmet at partnersforcommunity.org>.

You can reach Chris Shores at: cshores at recorder.com 
<mailto:cshores at recorder.com> or 413-772-0261, ext. 264

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