[Hidden-tech] fair refund policy feedback request

Kiernan Gulick-Sherrill greenearthcomputer at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 21:54:52 EDT 2013

I think it definitely depends in the terms of the agreement/contract.

If it was a situation where someone blocked off set time on their schedule
for all those hours and now will have to scramble to be employed for that
time...I can see not refunding. Especially if the agreement was clearly no

I can also see if a large discount was given for a bulk hours
purchase...only giving a partial refund based on what full price Would have
been if a hour by hour arrangement was made instead.
That said...my default is usually to come to an agreement that makes
everyone happy. So probably refund of some sort would be my method if that
was the only option left.
On Jun 27, 2013 7:15 PM, "Val Nelson" <val at valnelson.com> wrote:

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> Hi HT friends,
> I wonder what you would consider standard practice for a freelancer in a
> case like this.
> Let's say you hire someone and pre-pay for a 20-hour package where time is
> tracked and the fee is based on the hours. Then you find it's not working
> as expected, despite giving it a try for at least 10 hours, trying to
> adjust things to make it work. Would you expect they would give you a
> refund of the unused 10 hours (when both agree on how much is unused)? Or
> would you think it's fair for them to say that's too bad because it was a
> pre-paid package.
> To me, it seems like bad business not to refund the unused portion when a
> customer is unhappy...  no matter how you package the payment plan, and
> frankly no matter what agreement is in place. I would think keeping the
> customer happy or ending on good terms is always the priority. I welcome
> hearing opinions on both sides in case I'm missing something.
> Thank you,
> Val
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