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Robert Heller heller at deepsoft.com
Thu Feb 28 09:51:08 EST 2013

At Thu, 28 Feb 2013 06:42:20 -0500 "Shel Horowitz, Ethical/Green Marketing Expert" 	<shel at principledprofit.com> wrote:

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> After reading a recent column by listmate Marcia Yudkin, I realized 
> that my current blog version doesn't display my byline. It doesn't 
> even say "By Shel," let alone "By Shel Horowitz--Green/Ethical 
> Business Expert." (my user nickname).
> At least my name and picture are all over the blog page 
> (http://greenandprofitable.com/shels-blog/)
> Anyone know how to fix?

Look in Settings -> General: what do you have for the "Site Title' and
"Tagline" fields? Also, it might depend on your theme, so you might
need to look at your theme settings / options and what its settings (if
any) reguarding the dispaly of your Site Title and Tagline.

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