[Hidden-tech] Turners high-schoolers seeking internships at area businesses

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*Turners high-schoolers seeking internships at area businesses*

A 90-minute workday: for most, an unattainable or impractical dream; for 
Turners Falls High School students, a course option.

The School to Career internship class, offered during the last block of 
the day during the spring semester, allows interested students to try 
their hands at avariety of work before they head off to college or to 
seek employment.

Teacher Jeffrey Jobst runs the program and is looking for employers to 
add to the mix of options for students, usually expected to do two 
internships during the course of the semester.

Jobst said he has taught the class for six or seven years, opening the 
semester with a classroom introduction to basic job-seeking skills such 
as writing resumes, shaking hands and making eye contact.

Once the mock interviews are through, Jobst sends the students out into 
the wild, often to a core of local employers who have been with the 
program for years.

With transportation an issue for many students and little time to get 
where they're going, Jobst said the businesses and nonprofit 
organizations are generally nearby. This narrows the pool of prospects 
in a market already limited to businesses able to afford the additional 
supervision, and Jobst said he is always looking for new employers to 
add to the mix.

To that end, Jobst said he is working on getting a bill passed to give 
employers a taxbreak for taking on an intern.

The benefit of the internship experience varies based on the student and 
the employer. For some students, the experience informs college choices; 
for others, it is a look at employment options or a foot in the door.

Jobst cites a student he said took his architectural drawing course, 
interned with a construction crew and is now in her third year in the 
architecture program at Syracuse University. More immediately, some 
students have parlayed their internships into afterschoolwork.Interns 
work from approximately 12:45 to 2:25 p.m., Monday through Friday 
beginning around Feb. 4 or April 1.

Interested employers may contact Jobst at 413-863-7260 or 
jjobst at gmrsd.org <mailto:jjobst at gmrsd.org>.

Taken from Greenfield Recorder - Jan 30, 2012 - By CHRIS CURTIS Recorder 
You can reach Chris Curtis at: ccurtis at recorder.com 
<mailto:ccurtis at recorder.com> or 413-772-0261, ext. 257

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