[Hidden-tech] Using Smart TV instead of Cable?

Colin Panetta colin at left-click.us
Fri Feb 15 11:11:33 EST 2013

I've been using a Sony Google TV for over a year. I love it, but definitely
with some huge qualifications. The browser crashes often, and can't handle
many websites. It basically never crashes when I'm watching a show,
however. You can watch basically whatever you want on it, provided you're
willing to pay a few bucks for it on Amazon. (You're paying for most
content anyway, either through iTunes, Netflix, Hulu +, etc). You can't
watch Hulu, not even Hulu +, but it has great Netflix support. I stream a
couple things from their own websites, and that works great. I'll stream
stuff from Amazon sometimes, but you want to stick to TV shows there, not
movies, because the sound is pretty bad. It also has some cool apps, like
Redux TV, which is kind of like curated YouTube playlists. It's not
perfect, but I don't know what I'd do without it.

On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 4:44 PM, David F. Farkas <david at farkas.com> wrote:

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> Hi Mavens...
> I'll bet someone has either researched or tried this... since most TV
> shows and Movies are easily accessible from the Internet, is it possible to
> ditch cable TV and use a 'smart TV' with only Internet connection.
> I'm wondering if I should just buy a new smart TV and drop Xfinity TV? It
> would pay for itself in less than a year and then montly charges would be
> very low.
> And, secondary question, would I need to upgrade or my Internet service
> speed to get good results?
> Thoughts? Comments? Research Results? Experience?
> Thanx
> dff
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