[Hidden-tech] Using Smart TV instead of Cable?

Rich Roth webmaster at hidden-tech.net
Thu Feb 14 20:21:55 EST 2013

Yes and no

I have one - Samsung 7500 - as a TV is great (and small, compared to 
prior versions with same screen - 46 in my case)
the 'fancy' controls - voice, clap, hand waves work kinda, you can plug 
in a usb keyboard and mouse (some tricks there)
It seems to have a good number of aps - it's basically an android tv.

BUT not having cable tv ?? depends what you want to watch
if you watch any number of network or cable channel shows, you'll 
probably need a Hulu+ subscription
or if movies, netflicks or something like it, no extra box needed - has 
viewers for netflix, huhlu plus, amazon view, plus normal browser (sorta)

Personally I have a tivo and network storage boxes  to save old movies 
for later viewing.
BTW, The tivo player is better then the one build into the tv for handling.
Depending on where you live, you might be able to get digital channels 
over an antenna - you know the thing on the roof :)

SO not quite ready for a total replacement, unless you plan ahead for 
your watching plans.

As for speed, just try watching what you want on your computer now, that 
will tell you if it's fast enuf to stream.


On 2/14/2013 4:44 PM, David F. Farkas wrote:
> Hi Mavens...
> I'll bet someone has either researched or tried this... since most TV 
> shows and Movies are easily accessible from the Internet, is it 
> possible to ditch cable TV and use a 'smart TV' with only Internet 
> connection.
> I'm wondering if I should just buy a new smart TV and drop Xfinity TV? 
> It would pay for itself in less than a year and then montly charges 
> would be very low.
> And, secondary question, would I need to upgrade or my Internet 
> service speed to get good results?
> Thoughts? Comments? Research Results? Experience?
> Thanx
> dff
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