[Hidden-tech] Invitation to March 28 ICT Summit

Steven D. Brewer sbrewer at bio.umass.edu
Mon Feb 11 14:06:13 EST 2013

I would like to make a special invitation to the Hidden Tech community
to participate in the Information and Communication Technology Summit on
March 28, 2013 in the UMass Campus Center Ballroom:

We will have a series of technology displays, a poster session, an IT
Challenge competition for students, panel discussions about information
technology and innovation, and a group of returning UMass alumni that
now work at Industrial Light and Magic that will talk about their

There are several ways to get involved: The call for posters is open. We
have a few spots left for businesses or groups that would like to run
displays in the Campus Center Concourse. We're also looking for

As Interim Director this spring, I'm particularly interested in trying
to build stronger connections with the local business community and the
IT Program on campus.  In addition to the Summit, we administer the IT
Minor on campus and would love to share information and be a conduit for
our tech-savvy students to find internships as students and gainful
employment upon graduation.

If you're interested in getting involved in the ICT Summit -- or have
any questions -- please don't hesitate to contact me.


Steven D. BREWER <sbrewer at bio.umass.edu>
||   Director, Biology Computer Resource Center
||   Interim Director, Information Technology Program
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