[Hidden-tech] Desperately seeking a Facebook apps wizard!

Gordon Kramer gsethkramer at comcast.net
Mon Feb 11 12:48:06 EST 2013

Hello - I posted this a few weeks ago and did get some helpful replies, 
but we haven't yet been able to resolve the issues, so am asking again. 
Thanks for your patience!

I'm a volunteer web developer for a non-profit organization, which 
recently started using Facebook as a means of reaching a wider audience. 
We have had great difficulty installing and configuring apps to present 
remote content on Facebook tabs. We've been using the Static HTML app 
for this purpose, but have encountered very erratic behavior from the 
app and have often found it unusable. We're seeking advice on other apps 
that might work better, but will also consider hiring a consultant to do 
some of the app setup for us. We need someone who can set us up with a 
workable system that we can manage on our own going forward. All input 
appreciated - thank you!

Gordon Kramer
gsethkramer at yahoo.com

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