[Hidden-tech] High quality audio/video components for group video conferencing

Charles Strader (Gaia Host) charles at gaiahost.coop
Mon Apr 29 14:46:07 EDT 2013

Hi not so hidden techies,

I'm looking for recommendations for high definition audio and video components, 
along with best quality software (if not skype or google hangout), for doing 
group conferencing (groups of people of each end).

With a geographically distributed workforce Gaia Host relies heavily on group 
video/audio conferencing for our regular meetings and connecting during daily 
work flow.  We regularly use both skype and google-hangout and are experimenting 
with other VOIP based video conferencing software.  We have access to the 
bandwidth we need to do high definition.

Our goal is to replace our twice yearly in-person retreats, that require the 
environmental impact of travel, with high quality video conference meetings that 
are glitch free.



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