[Hidden-tech] Advice/Repair for Color Laser Printer?

Chuck Baranowski chuck at osbts.com
Wed Oct 24 19:22:30 EDT 2012

If its 5 yrs old and it is going to cost you as much to fix it, scrap it.
You can replace it cheaper and it will be more efficient.

Chuck Baranowski
Chief Technologist
Outside the Box Technology Solutions
chuck at osbts.com

On Oct 24, 2012, at 6:21 PM, "David F. Farkas" <david at farkas.com> wrote:

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I've got a Konica Minolta color laser printer that has been fairly trouble
free until recently. Now I'm getting paper feed jams and a piece of paper
is now jammed in the fuser.

Anyone have experience with this or know someone who does?

I got this on sale for $200 at least 5 years and it's going to need over
$200 of supplies soon... toner and toner drum. So I'm wondering whether I
should just get a low end b&w laser printer and let this go. I don't really
need in house color. Not very ecologically sound to trash it and the tinker
in me wants to fix everything and keep it running... but it's not my area
of expertise and it's time consuming.




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