[Hidden-tech] Microsoft Exchange - Outlook 2010

Bruce Hooke bghooke at att.net
Mon Oct 1 19:02:02 EDT 2012

It sounds to me like on the initial setup screen, when you were creating the
new email account in Outlook, you indicated that you wanted to connect to an
Exchange server. If the client is using pop3 to connect to their mail server
then they are not using an Exchange server and you should instead have
selected pop3 on the first setup screen. 


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Hi everyone. I was trying to set up a client's  POP3 Outlook email for the
first time today and kept running into a problem with Microsoft Exchange
telling me "I had to be online to connect with Exchange."  I was able to do
a test email with the website/mail server and everything passed.  I could
get it to receive a test email, but when I would try to send an email, It
would not allow me to.  I tried setting up a new profile and checked it as

Any thoughts as to what we are doing wrong?

Liz Provo

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