[Hidden-tech] unresponsive script? Can that be ruining my email

Diana Hardina dianahardina at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 07:27:21 EST 2012

Recently, my gmail account has slowed to a crawl, and I ma getting the
message about an unresponsive script trying to open. I always stop the
script because I assume it is some kind of ad, although I think I shouldn't
have any advertising within my gmail account. Nonetheless the last time the
warning message came up I selected," stop unresponsive script" and "don't
ask me again." I am thinking now that the script is still trying to run,
but I am not being cued to stop it.
How can I find out what these scripts are and how do I stop them. I was
getting a similar message on my weather underground page until I installed
Ghostery, which seems to block these.
If anyone has successfully managed this I would like concrete, step by step
Thank you in advance,
Diana Hardina
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