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At 8:43 PM -0400 5/9/11, David F. Farkas wrote:
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>Hi Mavens...
>Thanx for all the input on boosting the audio for video files. 
>Here's another question...
>Nuance is offering me a deal on Dragon Naturally Speaking. The only 
>feature I would really use is converting audio files (e.g. and MP3) 
>to text.
>Before I buy that I figured I'd ask if there is another free or 
>cheaper app for doing that conversion. I'm on a PC running Win XP.
>Thanx so much

Before you purchase--I'd make sure it is set up to pre-recognize a 
large array of voices. Last time I checked into speech-synth 
software, you had to train it for each voice it was going to decode.


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