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Shel Horowitz shel at frugalfun.com
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At 11:01 AM -0400 7/29/10, Computercoach wrote:
>Syncing is not a bad idea.  Your smart phone can sync to the 
>internet anytime and your PC can sync when ever you need.  I also 
>like one calendar.  The reasons I have 3 copies is that I have to be 
>able to look at and up date my calendar when I am at different 
>locations. Since my phone connects to the internet I sync after any 
>change. The reason I sync  to the internet is because I am paranoid 
>about my phone dying or being stolen.  All of my business contacts 
>and appointments are there.  (Yes I use password and other 
>precautions.)  I sync my PC (Outlook) to the internet in case my 
>phone or computer can't connect.  When it comes to my business 
>security I am a belt and suspenders kind of guy.  I use Plaxo which 
>has mobile app/sync, interface to Google and other colanders and 
>will sync to outlook (XP and beyond).  Hope this helps.

Having had the very unpleasant experience of a PDA losing its memory 
(and with it, my address book and calendar), I'd say 
belt-and-suspenders makes sense. I had a backup of both on paper, so 
I didn't lose the info.

I'm still in the dark ages, using paper calendar and a simple word 
file of addresses on my desktop computer. When the Handspring died, 
it took my confidence with it.

But I can see a smart phone in my future, eventually, and might try 
again. Synching online makes a lot of sense to me.

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