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What is fair, in this case, is what the market will bear. It is your work, people are paying for intangibles: your eye, your artistic sense, etc. In matters of creativity, the end price may have little to do with the amount if time it took to produce the result. This is especially tricky in photography, because everybody with a camera figures they can do the same thing with the same amount of work and achieve the same result. 

Not everybody, actually, because some people obviously like your work enough that they would purchase it.

So the question of fair pricing remains, and begs others. Do they want to purchase for their walls? License to re-use on their web site? To create posters to sell, etc.? 

A fair price for photos can vary by two orders of magnitude, particularly if the photographer is well-known. If you or I were in the right place at the right time, we could have taken Ansel Adams' "Moon at Half Dome," and we might be happy to sell prints for $25. Today, nearly 50 years after it appeared, his gallery is still selling 8x10 prints for $225. 

Not much help, am I? I'd say to start low, and every few weeks/months increase prices, on all or a selected sub-set, until interest starts to wane. The market will determine your fair price. Maybe $35 for the 5x7, and increase (but not proportionately) with size of print, to the point that a poster print might cost just under $100. Test-market one or two of your best images at $45-$140, perhaps.

Hope this helps,

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  Hi folks,

  I've recently had people show interest in purchasing my photos.  I've got a gazillion posted online at www.folktographybytom.com and I'm updating the site to include pricing info but ...well, I'm not really sure what I should be charging per print/size, etc. Photos are available for individuals and businesses: banks, restaurants, conference centers, etc.

  I tried looking online to find some examples but thought I'd also check here to see if any of you have specific thoughts about what is "fair" for me to be charging for high quality 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 & even 20x30 poster prints color prints. I've seen a lot of commentary and opinions but, I'm looking for cold hard dollar amounts from you fine people :}

  Ok, love to hear your feedback. Thanks in advance


  Tom Adams
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