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To the best of my knowledge if you cannot get a particular carrier's 
cellular (voice) signal you will not get the EVDO signal. So I would 
first test the location with someone's Verizon cell phone. If the signal 
is there but very weak, then you can consider an external 
amplifier/antenna which, if memory serves me correctly, will run around 
$600. Your monthly service with 2 year commitment is around $60 per 
month. But, when it works, it works pretty well, much better than 
satellite. I've set up two of my neighbors with Sprint EVDO but I'm 
still stuck on satellite because I just could not get an adequate signal 
with or without the amplifier/antenna. Keep in mind also the stated caps 
on service, with Cellular at approx 5 Gigs per month vs a typical 
Satellite plan of about 15 Gigs per month.

Fairly helpful advice can be found at www.3gstore.com - I've also 
bought, and returned equipment from them and they are good for their word.

Andrew, hope this helps...!

Robert Heller wrote:
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> At Thu, 03 Sep 2009 15:01:05 -0400 andrew at stakeholderscapital.com wrote:
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>>    ** Be sure to fill out the survey/skills inventory in the member's area.
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>> Hey HT,
>> Trying to help a friend who moved to Leverett right near the Cushman 
>> section of N. Amherst.
>> What are suggestions for cellular and/or internet service there?  We 
>> don't think verizon DSL nor Comcast Cable reach there and ATT cellular 
>> gets no signal.
> I think there is *Verizon* EVDO/3G (or whatever Verizon calls Internet
> over celluar) service out of a cell tower somewhere N. Amherst, so you
> have to get a *Verizon* 'Air Card'.  You can get an 'Air Card' (either
> PCMCIA or USB) and use that.  It is possible to get a router that takes
> a PCMCIA card and some PCMCIA cards can take a cable to a roof-top
> antenna -- the router lets you connect up multiple desktop machines
> (with CAT5 cables) or multiple laptops (802.11<mumble> WiFi).  The
> antenna can be used to deal with a weak signal. Otherwise, your friend
> is going to have to get one of those 'old fashioned' RS232 modems (yes,
> they still make them and many of use still use them) and be reduced to
> 56K (or worse, given the cruddy nature of what passes for POTS up here
> in the sticks).  That is right, *most* of us hilltown folk are still
> using *dial-up* internet.  Verizon DSL *might* reach, but the phone
> cables are cruddy and NOT up to spec -- DSL is supposed to reach 18,000
> (a little over 3 miles) cable feet from the DSLAM, but where they have
> put in DSLAMs (southern Leverett and Shutsburry), the signal is not
> quite reaching 2 miles (< 10,000 feet).
>> Thanks,
>> Andrew
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