[Hidden-tech] TV show treatment writer needed

Jeanne Yocum Jeanne at yourghostwriter.com
Sat Mar 31 11:21:26 EDT 2007

Hi, all,

I'm working with a client on a book proposal and this week she referred one
of her clients to me.  This woman is seeking someone who can help her write
a "treatment" for her idea for a morning TV show. This is not something I
know much about or have much interest in, but I told her I'd see if I could
find someone who knows about writing such things.

If this project interests you and you have expertise in writing such
materials, please contact her directly.  Her name is Brett Bloomenthal and
her e-mail is moque19 at yahoo.com.  BTW, she is in the Boston area.

(This is all I know about her needs, so pls. do NOT reply to me asking for
more info.)

Best regards,

Jeanne Yocum
Tuscarora Communications, Ltd.


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