[Hidden-tech] Mac Classes and the Elusive Video Projector

Tony Jillson machelp at birdwaves.com
Thu Mar 29 17:04:54 EDT 2007

Hi Folks,
I am preparing to conduct some "Intro to Macintosh" classes at the  
Creative Cluster offices in Greenfield. I noticed Margot Zalkind's  
post looking for a video projector, and I am looking for one as well.  
I'll need it once a week for four weeks. Any tips on that are welcome.

The classes will be  beginner level, and will be useful to  
"Switchers" as well. I'll discuss Mac Hardware, Os X, The Finder, E- 
Mail, what the brightly colored gumdrops do, etc...

Hopefully interest will be sufficient that I can follow up with  
Intermediate classes, and maybe go into more depth with some  
multimedia applications.

If any one is interested in this class, or has suggestions on what  
they'd like to see in a class, please contact me.

Tony Jillson
Make Your Mac Sing
Apple Computer Specialist
machelp at birdwaves.com

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