[Hidden-tech] Thanks to those who provided Amherst input

A - Z International az at a-zinternational.com
Thu Mar 29 16:28:23 EDT 2007

Thanks to everyone who came out today to provide input to the Amherst 
Master Plan. At least one person was from Belchertown (though as a 
partner working in Amherst), so it was good to see so much interest.

I apologize for the confusion at the meeting. A selectboard member 
had asked me to make a short (five minute to 10) presentation on 
Hidden Tech and the evolving virtual work place, but had not 
communicated that to the consultants. They did not book time for this 
and seemed mixed, at best, about input on this subject.

Unfortunately, I had to leave to attend a class. I heard from one 
participant that those who stayed were able to communicate their 
interests and needs. If this is NOT the case, please feel free to 
reach me directly at az at a-zinternational.com as I can transmit your 
thoughts/concerns to those running the process.


Amy Zuckerman
Hidden-Tech Founder


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