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Info @ WinansCreative.com info at winanscreative.com
Fri Mar 16 14:55:45 EDT 2007

Hi all-

A client of mine is looking for some specific help in MS Excel. I'm  
not very versed in it beyond making a simple spreadsheet, but I was  
wondering if anyone had some names of some good Excel people (or is  
one themselves).

He's trying to create a sort of scheduling sheet, but beyond that the  
details are fuzzy and I thought it would be best handled by someone  
who knows Excel backwards & forwards.

His email is bruce at zoaroutdoor.com if someone wants to email him  
directly, or they can contact me and I can pass along the info. Thanks!

Blair Winans
Winans Creative
blair at winanscreative.com
m. 857.205.0210
p. 413.303.0353
f. 413.303.9465

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