[Hidden-tech] transcription services

Jon Reed jonreed at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 10 01:18:28 EST 2007

Hello. I am looking for transcription services, preferably local to Western 
Mass but flexible on that point if need be.

If anyone on this list provides such services, or has a recommendation of 
someone who does. Please email me off list. I will make a point of emailing 
the list with the names of all the folks recommended to me off list in one 
post to make things simple.

I would prefer someone who has some experience with technical jargon, in 
particular software, but not a huge deal, the material needing to be 
transcribed are interviews that are not overly technical, but some 
experience on handling tech jargon would make things easier.

Thanks in advance for any referrals!

best regards,

Jon Reed


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