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David Spound dspound at mac.com
Wed Mar 7 15:38:58 EST 2007

The Florence Community Center space cannot legally accommodate a crowd as
large as 200. I am not sure what the limit is, but I believe it is closer to
100 than 200. Also, since it is still an official school department
building, alcohol and tobacco are definitely prohibited (in case that would
affect your choice of venue). I regret not having other venue suggestions to
offer. Best of luck with the event.

-- David


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on 3/7/07 3:31 AM, David Caputo at david at positronicdesign.com wrote:

> Hi Dan,
> Try the Florence Community Center.
> Should be perfect. AFSC is there and they work with prisoners too.
> Be well,
> David Caputo
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>> Hi, my name is Dan Belmont, and I am producing a benefit concert for the
>> Performance Project, a Northampton based theater troupe that works with
>> people who have been incarcerated in prisons to create theater pieces
>> somewhat based on the stories of their lives.  The project also helps people
>> with re-integration into society, aiding in finding jobs, housing, and
>> healthcare. 
>> The concert will feature Evelyn Harris (formerly of Sweet Honey in the Rock)
>> and the Alchemystics, the local hip-hop/reggae band.
>> I am looking for suggestions of where to hold this concert -- it needs to be
>> in Northampton.  I have already approached the Northampton Center for the
>> Arts (they are booked on the date of the show), P.A.C.E. (not heard back yet)
>> as well as various area restaurants.  The space needs to hold 100-200 people,
>> and allow food and dancing.
>> thx, 
>> Dan Belmont

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