[Hidden-tech] Web Site assistance?

DAVID F. FARKAS david at farkas.com
Mon Mar 5 13:28:55 EST 2007

low-cost or free, not much work to implement I believe:

1. Pick 1 topic worthy of long-term discussion and post a free tier  
of Basecamp on the Hidden-Tech site, and see if it garners interest
		sample topics: What are the best resources for starting up a  
company in the valley?
					   What is the best way to get revenue for the Hidden-Tech  
organization	?
					   What are the best uses of Basecamp for virtual companies  
working with geographically disparate customers, partners, employees  

I haven't used Basecamp much but it seems really interesting.  Touted  
as being very easy to use, there are a lot of features including  
bulletin board with pictures of the person who is posting, RSS, email  
notifications, file sharing, to-do lists, milestones, categorized and  
sortable file sharing, dashboard, writeboards etc.
2. post a small link to paypal donation to HT on the HT website;.   
Post the link in the header or footer of the listserv emails IF there  
is a way to post it unobtrusively
As a supplementary revenue source to paid memberships, this option  
would offer the flexibility of allowing any payment amount

3. a special sponsors page on the Hidden-Tech website that would list  
major sponsors, and then a listing of "supporters" (paid members), as  
a way of giving added value.
Create a number of tiers (example: "Gold", "Bronze", "Silver")  
depending on the money, sweat equity, or other type of contribution.

Some tiers would offer hyperlinked logo like Western MA electric and  
media partners.  Other tiers name and short business description,  
some just name and email address...
All the best,

Jonathon Podolsky
Producer at WholeHealthExpo.com
Voice: 413.584.0010
Toll-Free: 877.WHE.EXPO
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Fax: 413.586.5846
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